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Very talented & caring massage therapist

I just had my first massage with Pete after a long absence due to my own personal medical problems and the virus, and he still has that wonderful sense of touch and the ability to soothe and relax all tense areas of the body and take away pain.

Sharon Katz Apr 29, 2021
Customer since May 2011

Blessed Hands

Pete brings the anointment from God. He has blessed hands. I thank God I found him. Thank you, Sam

Samantha J Apr 1, 2021
Customer since Feb 2015

5 star all the way

Pete is a master at what he does. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable and his technique is amazing. He is definitely one of the best therapists I have ever seen. Will be going back soon!

Jillian F Mar 18, 2021
Customer since Sep 2013

Skilled and attentive

I have been a client of Pete Broussard for years. He listens to clients and tailors the massage to their needs. Most recently his massage techniques helped clear up some stubborn sinus issues with which I was contending.

M.L. Mar 3, 2021
Customer since Feb 2011

amazing !!

Having back neck problems for most of my life I have searched for relief in massages when all Docs could provide was muscle relaxers pain meds Pete is undoubtebly the best massage therapist I have ever had. And I have had many to try & ease back & neck pain for years. I tried Pete when he had a coupon offer & have never looked further. His knowledge of the body & muscles along with his dedication allows him to zone in on your problem areas like no one else. Pete is your guy !

J.L. Feb 15, 2021
Customer since Jun 2016

Simply the best!!

Pete is such a professional. He is so knowledgeable and has truly helped me with my back. Before my last massage, I talked to him about issues with my hands and the morning after my massage, I woke to find that I didn't have the stiffness in my hands at all. He is so gifted at what he does. I have been coming to him for years and will continue. He is truly the best and I can't recommend him enough!

C.C. Jan 21, 2021
Customer since Nov 2010

Best Massage Ever!!!

I've been getting massages off and on for almost 30 years and I can honestly say that this was one of the best ... if not THE BEST ... that I've ever received. Pete started at my head and by the time he reached my neck and shoulders, I was already thinking of having another massage for the following month as a birthday treat to myself. As Pete moved down my right side and worked my arm, hand and fingers, I was already in a total state of relaxation. The rest was just pure bliss! Thanks Pete!

Glen Miller Dec 17, 2020
Customer since Dec 2020

Great Massage!

Really great massage and Mr. Broussard was very knowledgeable and explained his process to help us come up with a massage that addressed my concerns with overused muscles and helped alleviate pressure/stress.

Megan D Dec 9, 2020
Customer since Dec 2020

amazing !!

As aways Pete is THE BEST! Finds your problem areas & targets in on them. Been going for years & will be going for years more. Have had back problems for as long as I can remember & have had many many massages t get relief & they never helped. Pete gives me relief with his targeted approach & great full body massages ! Highly recommend !

J.L. Sep 18, 2020
Customer since Jun 2016

Exceptional service

I began seeing Mr. Broussard a few months ago and am now a regular client. I suffer from fibromyalgia and shoulder pain. Mr Broussard listens to my concerns and consistently provides exceptional service that results in pain relief and better overall flexibility. Highly recommend!

M.M. Jul 29, 2020
Customer since Jun 2020


Highly professional, excellent service and I'll definitely be a repeat client. Booking appointment was very easy. Highly recommend!

M.M. Jun 12, 2020
Customer since Jun 2020

amazing !!

As always Pete is amazing in his craft! zoned in & worked longer on my problem area & it feels so much better now. He really cares ! If you are looking for a caring professional Pete is your guy & believe me I have tried many many as I have chronic neck & back problems. He is part of my regular therapy & helps more than the MD's !!

J.L. Dec 9, 2019
Customer since Mar 2014

He gets to the source of the problem

I had more improvement to my rotator cuff after 1 hour with Pete than I did with 8 sessions of physical therapy!

Eric France Dec 8, 2019
Customer since Oct 2019

Unequalled and Tailored for You

I was completely awed by my first massage from Pete. He is unlike any other practitioner in the field and I know I'll never find better. He "reads" my body and can diagnose just what it needs. Then proceeds with a unique and personal treatment that leaves me feeling like a new person. He listens and genuinely cares about each client. I was referred by a friend and I hope this note will persuade you to have Pete provide the same care for you. Honestly, don't hesitate!

Marna David Nov 23, 2019
Customer since Mar 2018


As always Pete never dissapoints ! He is so atuned to your particular problems he zones in to them to alleviate your aches & pains. thank you Pete for all your expertise & special attention. You are THE BEST !

J.L. Oct 10, 2019
Customer since Jun 2016

Recent experience

Pete was very professional and competent. He listened to my areas of concern, focused on treating those, and offered feedback afterward on how I could modify my self-care to help decrease muscle tension and discomfort. I was very pleased with the experience and will be a repeat customer!

Aimee Jul 21, 2019
Customer since Jul 2019

Excellent Massage

As always Pete delivers ! His specialized massage tailored to your problems beats none ! thank You for your attention to my problem areas with the best massage ever !!

J.L. May 9, 2019
Customer since Mar 2014

Pete's great work

Pete is able to find the tight spots and work them out, Very comprehensive and thorough. He asks the questions to find what he needs to know and uses his knowledge to help make you feel better.

Sean E B Apr 29, 2019
Customer since Apr 2019

Fantastic, as usual!

Pete has an amazing ability to find all those spots that you didn’t even realize were tight...and release them. He is, hands down, (ok, pun intended) the best therapist I’ve ever worked with.

Les L Mar 20, 2019
Customer since Jan 2017

Unbeatable !!

I have been a customer of Pete'sfor several years now. I was hooked from the first massage ! I have a history of chronic back & neck pain,scoliosis,hip bursitis & now osteoarthritis. Pete is part of my regular therapy giving me such relief you can't imagine. His attention to your particular problem areas & his tailoring his massages to your particular problems makes his unbeatable ! If you haven't tried him you are missing out !

J.L. Jan 20, 2019
Customer since Mar 2014


As always Pete delivers excellence in every massage paying particular attention to your problem areas. Is technique is unbeatable. If you want relief--see Pete !!!

J.L. Dec 4, 2018
Customer since Jun 2016

Excellent skills

Pete has excellent skills to address my evolving needs as a dancer and fellow massage therapist. The dynamics of what I need or want changes from session to sessions and I feel comfortable in his care.

Anonymous Oct 23, 2018
Customer since Dec 2016


Really really helped my shoulder and feet. Went above and beyond. Would absolutely recommend him to others.

Gay leblanc Aug 29, 2018
Customer since Jun 2017


for years I sought relief from my chronic back & neck pain. I went to everyone who had a coupon or special . Then I found Pete ! Never have I had such a thorough massage focusing on my problem areas which he ask about before every session. His technique & attention to detail can't be beat !!

J.L. Aug 26, 2018
Customer since Jun 2016

The best I've found!

Pete is a good listener and does his best to address your concerns and provide relief. He is a skilled and compassionate massage therapist.

M.L. Jul 3, 2018
Customer since Feb 2011


As always Pete delivers ! His techique & attention to your particular problem areas csn't be beat & believe me I have tried many trying to find relief. Pete-you are the best !!

Judy L Jun 29, 2018
Customer since Mar 2014



bob r Jun 11, 2018
Customer since Jun 2018

awesome !!

Pete is the ultimate in massages !! His attention to your specific problem areas is the best I have ever experienced. I have had chronic hip,neck & joint pain for years & have seeked many in my quest for relief-Pete is the best !!!!

Judy L Apr 29, 2018
Customer since Mar 2014

Just what I needed

Though I have had a few massages before, Pete was a whole new experience for me. I have serious osteoarthritic issues and was (am) looking for relief from chronic pain that has diminished my life in the last 4 years. I like that a previous reviewer used the word Practitioner. Pete felt like a Practitioner. He manipulated my legs, knees and back in ways that I did NOT expect! And the results took me in the right direction. Of course, more sessions are necessary, but this was a good beginning!

Marna David Apr 2, 2018
Customer since Mar 2018

...and then there’s Pete

There are masseurs, and then there are practitioners who take the time and effort to give you what you need. Pete DEFINITELY is in the latter category. His hands communicate volumes! He is expert at finding tension (even the tension you didn’t know you had!) and coaxing your muscles to let go. He was the only one (among MDs, PTs and massage therapists) able to find and treat the source of ongoing leg cramping for me. Definitely the “real deal.” I HIGHLY recommend Pete. 6 stars out of 5!

Les L Mar 24, 2018
Customer since Jan 2017


I’ve to Pete multiple times for a variety of issues. Most recently a significant grade II AC sprain of my right shoulder. Pete does an incredible job at isolating the problem and rapidly helps me recoup. He is definitely unique.

Michael Isabelle Mar 21, 2018
Customer since Mar 2017

Professional and Knowledgeable

I have been going to Pete for almost 10 years. I can always count on a professional and amazing massage. Pete's knowledge enables him to address my changing needs each visit. I have never been disappointed.

Karen S Feb 1, 2018
Customer since Nov 2011


I finally found someone who can work out all of the kinks and get me feeling like i can stand straight again!! Amazing guy and so convenient.

Michelle S Jan 27, 2018
Customer since Dec 2017

The Best

As always Pete gave an awesome massage designed specifally for you with special attention to problem areas. I tried many massage therapists over the years & am happy to say he is the only one I go to now. When you find the best you stick with him. thank You Pete for all the special attention !

J.L. Jan 21, 2018
Customer since Mar 2014

A fan! Addicted

I discovered Pete many many years ago when he worked for Massage Envy on Metairie Rd. I have followed him since then. He is amazing. For me he gives the perfect massage. Firm, not too hard not to soft, and so knows what he’s doing. Whatever problem I may go in with, I leave without. We have become great friends and he is always respectful, warm and friendly, totally professional, just a really great guy. He knows and understands the body. If you give him a target problem, he can solve it.

Nancy Hirsch Lassen Dec 15, 2017
Customer since Nov 2017

An amazing experience

You will love Pete. He’s professional, knowledgeable and deeply cares how you feel. He’s an excellent massage therapist and I thoroughly all aspects of the experience from the atmosphere to my body feeling tremendously relieved. He’s exceedingly generous with his time and spirit. You can’t go wrong with Pete!

Gail Ann Gillian Dec 8, 2017
Customer since Nov 2017

Excellent !

I have suffered with back & neck pain for as long as I can remember. I have searched & used any massage trherpist that had a coupon-until I came to Pete & the search was over. Pete's commiment to qualty personnal care can't be beat. His attention to detail is unbelievable. Try him-you will love him !!

J.L. Nov 4, 2017
Customer since Oct 2013

Extraordinary experience!

In the time of need, Pete definitelt delivers! I encourage anyone to give him a try. He will not disappoint.

C.W. Sep 18, 2017
Customer since Apr 2013

Lower Back Pain Relief

I went to Pete due to experiencing an injury in my lower back. The pain was unbearable where I could barely walk. He was able too trace the location of my injury where I was able to walk better and the pain was relieved. I plan on going to Pete to recieve ongoing treatment for the injury in hopes that it is healed completely.

Kristie Bardell Aug 23, 2017
Customer since Aug 2017

awesome !!

I have been going to Pete for several years now & he never disappoints-he only gets better ! He zones in on my problem areas while not comprising other areas. If you have neck or back problems or just want a relaxing massage he is your guy !

J.L. Jul 20, 2017
Customer since Oct 2013


I found Pete after trying anyone who had a coupon deal and have never been to anyone else He is far & above any other massage therapist I have tried. His expertise & caring is top notch! He always asks what area is bothering you & zones in on those. His technique can't be beat!

J.L. May 7, 2017
Customer since Mar 2014

Great massage

Pete is very thorough, very personable and extremely professional. I would recommend him to anyone I know. The massage space is always quite and comfortable as well. Thanks, Pete. See you!

Jillian F May 3, 2017
Customer since Sep 2013

Effective...and empathetic

I happy to say I'm to have found "my therapist." I've gone to Pete three times - so he could figure out what crazy things my body was doing, and I could figure out whether I wanted to work with him long-term. He does a great job of finding those spots - sometimes that you didn't know you had - that are causing trouble. He is very attentive and will work with you to ensure that he covers your key areas of need. Suffice it to say, I'll be back!

Les L Mar 10, 2017
Customer since Jan 2017

Excellent Massage

If you are looking for an extraordinary massage therapist-Pete Broussard is your guy. Having chronic back & neck issues this was very high on my healthy back list. Pete is always professional & caring spending extra time on your specific problem areas. He is now part of my regimen for pain free living.

J.L. Feb 21, 2017
Customer since Mar 2014

Excellent massage

Went in with severe back spasms. He got me back on my feet. I stoll have some issues and may need a follow-up visit, but doing much better.

W.L. Feb 8, 2017
Customer since Jun 2011

Reliably Excellent!

Pete is an excellent massage therapist. I've never had a disappointing experience and leave feeling better every time!

E.W. Nov 26, 2016
Customer since Oct 2012


Pete is very attentive to individual needs and he is able to customize the massage to address them.

M.L. Nov 26, 2016
Customer since Feb 2011

Excellent !!

As usual Pete always gives an excellent professional massage paying particular attention to problem areas with excellent results,

J.L. Oct 21, 2016
Customer since Mar 2014

Caring & compassionate

Pete once again gave his best to me. I appreciate his intuitive abilities and his concern for improvement. I'm very grateful for his work with me.

A.C. Aug 19, 2016
Customer since Aug 2016

Pete's Massage

Pete Broussard does excellent bodywork. He addresses those particular aches and pains, and also gets it all done. His pride in his work reflects his integrity.

Dave Roberts Aug 17, 2016
Customer since Apr 2015

Best Ever!

It doesn't get any better than Pete. He knows exactly how to work out the muscle knots you have and not make you super sore afterwards. Will be a repeat customer.

Adam C Aug 15, 2016
Customer since Aug 2016

Highly recommend

I have given Pete a few challenges and he has conquered them all. I fully appreciate the time and attention to pinpointing and working out even the tiniest of knots to relieve a problem area. This is not your frilly spa experience. This man knows what he's about and will definitely get results. So glad to have found him!

J.B. Jul 28, 2016
Customer since Apr 2015

Great experience.

If you.have Parkinson's Disease like I do, this guy will help a lot!!! I liked him a lot and could walk better afterwards

Jay West May 7, 2016
Customer since May 2016

Stress relieving Massage

I thoroughly enjoyed this stress relieving massage. Pete takes his time and pays particular attention to problem areas. I have had massages with other people and Pete's massage is by far the best. I highly recommend his services!

P.B. Apr 24, 2016
Customer since Dec 2011

Magnifico !!

Excellent as usual. Was having shoulder pain which was something new & he found a tight muscle & zoned in on that as well as my usual neck & back issues. Shoulder is better & Pete is the best !!

J.L. Apr 22, 2016
Customer since Mar 2014


I went to Pete for specific area massage. Pete was professional, concerned & compassionate. His intuitive abilities were impressive and spot on. I will definitely return for another appointment.

A.C. Apr 5, 2016
Customer since Mar 2016

An intuitive, professional, and highly effective therapist

Pete Broussard is in the top class of massage therapists. From the beginning, Pete's level of professionalism and intuitive knowledge of the body quickly addressed my areas of tension and habitual dysfunction. I was comfortable at all times, and never felt that his draping was not covering me properly. If you have a specific issue or just enjoy an invigorating massage, go to Pete. I cannot recommend him enough.

C.T. Mar 12, 2016
Customer since Feb 2016

Experienced Therapist

Many times people try to save money by reserving a spot with a new therapist and end up with an unsatisfying result Pete knows his craft and he addresses your particular concerns with targeted manipulations directed to the release of tensions and bands of muscle groups. He is well worth it.

Customer since Mar 2012

The best

Pete is a very intuitive therapist and provides deep massage in long strokes. He is very kind and listens to your issues before he starts a treatment. Best practitioner in New Orleans in my estimation. Wish I could go every week.

Christine Santimore Feb 19, 2016
Customer since Feb 2011


Pete is fantastic. He is very knowledgable and considerate. Absolutely worth every penny! Definitely coming back.

Elena Ferranti Feb 16, 2016
Customer since Feb 2015


Fanominal talent !! I believe he gave me 20 years back on my life with his technique and healing hands!!

A.J. Feb 13, 2016
Customer since Jun 2015

Healing massage!

I have been getting massages for years. I believe Pete gives one of the best massages, as well as a great value for his service. Occasionally, I suffer with back or neck pain. Pete's special attention and technique has helped relieve my back & neck pain. I'll say it again, I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Pete and especially appreciate the added techniques experienced during the massage. I would definitely recommend his service.

P.B. Feb 12, 2016
Customer since Dec 2011

Great hands

Peter knows his stuff and is very in tuned with his client.He is a skilled master in the art of massage . I would recommend him highly to anyone.

S.M. Jan 29, 2016
Customer since Jan 2016

Best thing I've done for myself in a while!

I've had several upper body massages from Pete but this is the first time I treated myself to a full body massage in a long while. Pete is amazing in the way he can get my shoulders to loosen up and move normal and I knew he would give a great full body massage. Boy was I right. I enjoyed everything from start to the last tap. I think I'll make it an hour & a half next time.

Lou O Jan 25, 2016
Customer since Dec 2015

As always, Pete is an amazing massage therapist!

I have been getting massages my entire life, in NJ, S. FL, and NOLA and I count Pete among the best. He has a way of fine tuning the massage and listening to your body. He also puts a lot of energy into his work. This, combined with technique and experience = a superlative massage.

S.K. Jan 8, 2016
Customer since May 2011

Always a Pleasure

I have been going to Pete for about three years now so he knows all the ailments of my old body. He concentrates on the post surgery areas and stretches my tendons and muscles to enhance the recovery time. He is a first class guy.

Peter MICHELL Jan 6, 2016
Customer since Mar 2012

awesome !

as usual awesome! I even had a pulled tight muscle in my neck & the massage really helped-he is a regular part of my back & neck wellness program.

J.L. Dec 22, 2015
Customer since Mar 2014

Best massage ever!!

This was one of the best massages I have ever received!!!! Pete was extremely professional and thorough. He truly cared and showed that through his work. I wish I lived in Louisiana, I would be seeing him every week!!!

Jessica C Dec 2, 2015
Customer since Dec 2015

Feeling great!

Peter is a great masseuse who know what he is doing. He is very thorough and professional. After playing basketball on Monday a massage is just what I needed the next day. I felt so good after leaving his office, I was not my usual limping and aching self. I would definitely be going back and will refer others to him.

Jerry Loyacono Oct 23, 2015
Customer since Oct 2015

Workout relief

Pete is Utmost professional masseur! With the avid stress and pounding of gym workouts on my body, I can always depend on his taking that pain to a minimum. My normal body Aches as a woman in her 40s are halted when I notice the difference Pete's massage makes and I am able to continue my active lifestyle because of him and revamp . He is the best at what he does!

Jody B Oct 16, 2015
Customer since Jun 2013

Excellent Massage

I was having neck & shoulder aches, Pete paid extra attention to this area. Within a day or two my aches & pain were gone. I will continue to use this service, even when I'm feeling well. Pete gives an excellent massage, no rush in & out.

P.B. Oct 4, 2015
Customer since Dec 2011

very knowledgeable of addressing problem

I have had Pete do a massage before and I always leave relaxed and more in tune with what I need to do to improve my overall health. We explored several muscle groups and stretches as well as posture, sleeping on my back and essentials oils. He is definitely worth the experience, he never disappoints.

Peter Michell Sep 23, 2015
Customer since Mar 2012

Pete massage therapy

Pete was very kind and professional. I would use him again. He was firm which I like. I think if I saw him more often he would know my spots that need extra attention and an even deeper therapeutic massage .

katherine walters Aug 14, 2015
Customer since Jul 2015

Pete's Massage Therapy

Pete was gentle but yet firm. He allowed me to direct him to the areas that needed attention. Nice!

Wallace Barr Jul 8, 2015
Customer since Mar 2015

Great program

He starts relaxing you in your neck and shoulders and then he addresses your specific areas of concern. Very knowledgeable of his craft.

Peter Michell Jul 2, 2015
Customer since Mar 2012

He's still the best!

Came in with horrible aching calf muscles.. Worked his magic and am feeling so much better. See you again in a couple of weeks!!

Nancy J Jun 30, 2015
Customer since Dec 2011

Another Happy Cleint

As always, I leave feeling 100% better...you manage to release my stress, reduce my inflammation, and increase my mobility. The massage and essential oils you use help my allergies and congestion. I cannot thank you enough Pete, and am very glad I found you. See you in two weeks. Thanks, Barbara E.

Be Jun 28, 2015
Customer since Aug 2010

Best of the best

Professionalism par excellence ! Worth every penny and more. No fluff, just a great, healing experience.

Wendell L Jun 5, 2015
Customer since Jun 2011


Pete Broussard is a very good massage therapist. The experience was not only therapeutic but relaxing. The next day my muscles were very Pete Broussard is a very good massage therapist. The experience was not only therapeutic but relaxing. The next day my loose. I would definitely recommend him and would return even without a Groupon.

Helen D. May 29, 2015
Customer since May 2015

Great massage

Strained my lower back moving stuff in my yard. Pete worked on the area and recommended several therapeutic options which helped. Very grateful to have this guy !!

Richard Graymer May 13, 2015
Customer since Mar 2015

Friendly and knowledgable

I very much enjoyed this massage. I let him know what things had been bothering me and he spent sufficient time addressing those areas. he had good knowledge of anatomy, excellent technique, and was very friendly yet professional. I will definitely be returning to him in the future

S.V. May 6, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

Pete, You the Mannnn....

Pete, you deserve a 5 out of 5 in my experience with you. I have been to Pete twice as I send this review and have two more massages in the next two months. Pete, by far is the best that I have been to for massages. You just need to let Pete do Pete. He knows how to address your needs without you specifying it. He is very patient with you and he listen to your concerns. I would recommend Pete in a heart beat. Pete, You the Mannnn........; See You Soon.

Glenn Pinera May 2, 2015
Customer since Jan 2015

very relaxing

The only reason it's not a five star rating is because I never give 5 on a first impression. But definitely a 4.5 Pete is friendly, knowledgeable and patient. He found my problem areas and truly took the time to work them out. He doesn't just go through the motions like some therapists do in spas. I have made another appointment and look forwarded to working with him again. Would definitively recommend giving him a try.

J.B. Apr 22, 2015
Customer since Apr 2015

Absolutely wonderful therapist

I've had many, many massages over the years. I received a gift certificate for Pete several years ago, and was reluctant to try a new massage therapist, but heard so many wondersful things about Pete. I couldn't agree more. Besides being the most skilled massage therapist and focusing on problem areas, he is such a wonderful person. I felt like rejuvenated physically AND mentally when my session was over. I have had chronic back and neck pains for years. After my session, I felt wonderful.

kim barcia Apr 21, 2015
Customer since Sep 2013


Pete was fantastic! One of the best massages I have ever received. Definitely going back again soon.

Elena Ferranti Apr 15, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

great massage

Really cool relaxed guy. Super skilled. Took time to figure out what would work for my body. Will be going back soon.

Richard G Apr 12, 2015
Customer since Mar 2015

Best of the best

Pete has addressed all of my issues of which there have been many following my leg amputation. And, owing to his thoroughness and caring attitude, he found problems I didn't even know I had. Highly recommend his services!

Wendell L Apr 10, 2015
Customer since Jun 2011

Great massage

The massage I had yesterday with Pete Broussard was one of the best I have had anywhere. Attention to all areas, relaxing, but enough pressure to work out any kinks.

M.L. Apr 8, 2015
Customer since Feb 2011


Great massage,responsive to my personal concerns. Loved the online scheduling system. He is now my massage therapist, I don't need to keep looking.

Paula E Apr 3, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

My Favorite Massage Therapist!

Pete continues to be an excellent massage therapist and one of the best I have found in my 45+ years of getting massages. I agree with the other reviewer that Peter is very intuitive as well as humble, spiritual and caring.

Sharon K Apr 1, 2015
Customer since May 2011

Healing hands

Pete is gifted with healing hands. His knowledge of the mechanics of muscle and bone is extraordinary. Pete has a sixth sense when discovering and diagnosing the cause of a particular issue and once diagnosed he knows exactly how to address it. He is passionate about his calling and always recommends ways to prevent the trouble spot [just resolved] from returning. He is humble, genuine and we are fortunate to have him. Highly, highly recommended!

Joseph Meynier Mar 30, 2015
Customer since Feb 2011

Amazing, amazing, amazing

I can't say enough wonderful things about Pete. He's incredibly professional. He believes in helping you work out your tight spots more than just giving you a relaxing massage (although he can do that too!). His experience makes him able to detect tightness you didn't even realize you had, and will even go over exercises you can do to help overcome trouble spots. He's humble and not a greedy service provider. Seriously the best massage therapist I've ever found.

C3 Mar 22, 2015
Customer since Sep 2012

Excellent treatment

he has the knowledge and the experience to address the problems you have and he is very professional

Peter Michell Mar 20, 2015
Customer since Mar 2012


I have seen Pete for approximately 8 years and he does and always has given the most awesome massages!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is truly the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy Stemke Mar 18, 2015
Customer since Jan 2011

Pure relaxation

I have gone to Pete for both pain relief related massages and for relaxing massages and I always leave feeling like a million bucks. I would (and do) recommend him to everyone who needs relief from everyday stress.

Angela McCabe Mar 16, 2015
Customer since May 2012

Wonderful Experience

I really enjoyed my massage with Pete. He is an outstanding massage therapist. He gives attention to your problem areas. I will recommend him to my friends.

S.J. Mar 14, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

This is the Best Massage!

This was probably my fourth or fifth massage with Pete. I am a return customer because he gives an excellent massage! Pete will give special attention to any problem areas that you may have. He also includes unique techniques throughout the massage. I have had several massages prior coming to Pete and no one has been as good. Occasionally, Pete will offer specials, which also helps for frequent return visits. Pete's Metairie location is convenient, in a large office building.

P.B. Mar 13, 2015
Customer since Dec 2011

An amputee's Godsend

At 10 months post amputation of my left leg, I have been wearing out my body. Pete restored me to new!

Wendell L Mar 12, 2015
Customer since Jun 2011

Deep tissue massage

My first time with Pete and the massage was great! Will definitely return. I had the same expectations when I arrived as I would with any other massage place, but his techniques topped the rest. I enjoyed it. Felt really pleased with the experience! Thanks!

Van t Feb 27, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!

I have gotten massages my entire life and just have to say that Pete's massages are both peasurable AND therapeutic. He knows which areas need more work but he doesn't create any pain or discomfort while working them -- using just the right amount of pressure. He is also a wonderful person with whom it is easy to feel comfortable...I give him the highest rating!

Sharon Feb 27, 2015
Customer since May 2011

One of the best massages.

This is hands down one of the best massages I have ever gotten, was a little weary at first having been through some trauma but he was awesome at getting me to relax and feel safe. I would recommend him to anyone wanting a great massage. He really works muscles and concentrated on problem areas.

Amelia R Feb 25, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

Great experience

Pete was great, I recommend him to everyone. My experience was relaxing and he asked if there were any specific areas I wanted him to work on, he did and I got relief

Cherie brocato Feb 4, 2015
Customer since Jan 2015

Theraputic Massage

Pete was wonderful! Very knowledgeable and found the trouble spots! He was careful and not rough but found the trouble spots. I like that he listened to me describe my problem areas and clued right in. I will definitely book another session with him and recommend him to my friends.

Marcia Madere Feb 4, 2015
Customer since Jan 2015

Everything a masseuse should be

Pete's massage was simply a wonderful experience. He asked about troubled areas and worked on them accordingly. His approach is one of caring & healing; his technique is sometimes unique and felt very therapeutic on my tight muscles. I loved the amount of time he spent on the neck & upper back areas. He offered stretching suggestions for a problem area & commented on what he observed. I would most definitely recommend him and am looking forward to future massages!

Ruth F Jan 31, 2015
Customer since Jan 2015

Worthwhile experience

He was very thorough in his work on some problem areas I have since surgery and also addressing the majority of my tight, stress filled parts of my body - neck, lower back, and arms. After the massage, we sat down and he gave me stretching tips and other things I can do to successfully rehabilitate my peripheral neuropathy.

Peter Michell Jan 30, 2015
Customer since Mar 2012

Absolutely AMAZING!

The BEST massage I have ever gotten! Having fibromyalgia, it's not easy for me to find a massage therapist who uses the right combination of techniques. It is a complicated condition which affects everyone differently. Pete got it right for me on the very first visit! I can't wait to schedule my next appointment.

Jill L Jan 23, 2015
Customer since Nov 2014

Best massage ever!

Pete is by far the best massage therapist I have ever used. He gives you a massage based on your individual needs. Very professional & caring. With a history of neck & back problems it means a lot to find someone attuned to your individual needs.

Judy L Jan 7, 2015
Customer since Mar 2014

Done with great care.

This is not my first massage by Pete and will not be my last. I find him friendly but professional-I am always comfortable with him-that is important to me. I think that this is more than a job for him. He seems dedicated to making a person feel better.

S.L. Dec 21, 2014
Customer since Nov 2014

Excellent Full Body Massage

Pete gives an excellent full body massage while still concentrating on the requested areas that are causing more problems. He is very professional and knowledgeable in his treatment. He has strong hands and provides good firm pressure throughout the massage.

S.D. Dec 17, 2014
Customer since Aug 2013

The perfect escape

As always my time with Pete is like a little slice of heaven! Not only is he professional, he really takes the time to connect with you and find out what you need. I've been recovering from ACL repair surgery for months and Pete's been a great help with muscle recovery. Schedule with Pete and trust me, you won't regret it!

Rachel A Dec 7, 2014
Customer since Apr 2013


Pete always asks what's going on in your life so he can determine the best type of massage to meet your needs. He's considerate of physical limitations and generous with his time. I recommend Pete to everyone!!

Grace F Dec 4, 2014
Customer since May 2011

Great Massage Therapist, Great Massage! I recommend Pete highly!

I really like Pete, I really like his attitude (sensitive, caring, and friendly), and I really like his massage moves....he has a great sense of touch and is careful and responsible. His massage studio is also very much of a sanctuary - peaceful, calm, relaxing, soothing, comfortable and beautiful.

Sharon Katz Dec 3, 2014
Customer since May 2011

Best Massage Therapist

Pete is amazing! An all around great therapist and person! Love ya Pete. Thanks for always helping me destress and relax 🙂

angel p Nov 18, 2014
Customer since Apr 2011

Awesome Massage Therapist

Pete is a great therapist. Whether you are looking to de-stress or heal an injury, he is flexible and can work with you to meet your needs. Pete is also very professional and compassionate. I highly recommend him. I personally have found his neck work so helpful that I now live with less pain and get fewer migraines on a monthly basis. Whatever you are going through, he can help!

Jess L Nov 15, 2014
Customer since May 2014


Pete was an excellent massage therapist. The location was a bit hard to find but otherwise it was a very pleasant experience.

E.M. Nov 12, 2014
Customer since Oct 2014

Awesome Experience

Truly talented massage therapist. I was apprehensive to get a massage due prior experiences, but I decided to give Pete a try after suffering from extreme upper back pain for weeks. He made me completely comfortable and the massage greatly reduced my pain. Will definitely be a return customer.

Crystal M Nov 7, 2014
Customer since Oct 2014

Awesome massage!!

Pete is the best!! Always checks to see where your problem areas are and pays particular attention to those areas. He even takes expired groupons or living social coupons.

Judy L Oct 9, 2014
Customer since Mar 2014

Always a great session!

Pete gives a consistently great massage- I've been a client for quite awhile now, and have been to others both in and out of town, and Pete is one of the very best. Attentive, intuitive, and focused. Regular massages with Pete keep me functional and healthy. Very happy with his skills.

R.M. Sep 28, 2014
Customer since Mar 2011

Great therapist!

I have been a client for many years. Pete is always professional and focuses each session to my needs on that day. His therapeutic treatment changes as needed and I always feel better when I leave.

M.S. Sep 15, 2014
Customer since Aug 2010

Great Massage Therapist

Pete is an awesome massage therapist. He is a good listener and will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with his services. I highly recommend him if you are looking for pain relief, relaxation, or need help recovering from an injury.

Jess L Aug 30, 2014
Customer since May 2014

Pete's fantastic

Pete's a great guy and really cares about his clients and it shows through in his work. He takes the time to ask about issues and gives advice on things to do at home to keep lose and prevent further pains in the future.

C.C. Aug 27, 2014
Customer since Aug 2013

Excellent Experience

This was my first session w Pete. He cared deeply about understanding my pain, finding it's source, and approaching my treatment w/ a more calculated and therapeutic mindset vs me being 'just another massage'. He even called me the next day to check in on how I was feeling. I recommend his services greatly and I will be returning regularly!

William M Aug 15, 2014
Customer since Aug 2014

Fantastic massage

This was a fantastic massage performed by an extremely professional individual that I will return too!

Gordon Stackel Aug 6, 2014
Customer since Jun 2014

Pete is truly a gifted therapist

Pete is a phenomenal massage therapist, as well as a genuinely nice guy. I don't even live in the area, but I make it a point to visit him whenever I'm in town.

Karin T Jul 3, 2014
Customer since May 2014


Pete does a very complete, relaxing full body massage with special attention devoted to problem areas. He provides very good deep tissue work without being too forceful. May have been the best massage I have ever had!

S.D. Jun 25, 2014
Customer since Aug 2013


Pete is a great massage therapist. He asks what's bothering you before you get on the table and then works on your areas of concern.

Meredith R Jun 9, 2014
Customer since Feb 2012

Highly Recommend

Pete works very hard to understand the needs of his client. He is very knowledgeable about the physiology of the body and has techniques to address specific issues you may be having. I highly recommend his services.

Cindy R May 25, 2014
Customer since Jun 2011

Always consistently great massage

Have been going to Pete for over a year, and get a lot of massages (helps me keep back issues under control). I've been to some great massage therapists with solid skills, and rank Pete up there with the very best. His therapeutic and intuitive approach is top notch. Highly recommended.

Rhett M May 25, 2014
Customer since Mar 2011

Pete is hard to Beat!

He really is the best therapist in Louisiana. Saw him yesterday and cannot wait until my next appointment!

N.J. May 15, 2014
Customer since Dec 2011

Great Massage Therapist

I have been receiving weekly massages since 2004 and Pete Broussard is one of the best therapists out there. He is patient and kind and he excels at being a great masseuse. He is willing to listen and learn from his clients as well as treat them. If you are in pain or just need help relaxing, he can help you.

Jess L May 10, 2014
Customer since May 2014


best massage ever!! makes it specific according to your needs. Pete is great at his craft. would definitely return

J.L. Apr 25, 2014
Customer since Mar 2014

Awesome Massage!

This is my second time here. The location is in a large 2 story office bldg. Pete offers a nice size room for his service. It's decor is fine and appears to be clean. The location is safe also. I've had several massages at different places. Pete definitely is the best massage service.. He takes a lot of time with you at each body part. His technique is unique! I highly recommend this service. Sometimes you may be able to purchase a massage at a discount.

P.B. Mar 17, 2014
Customer since Dec 2011

Pete Broussard Massage Therapy

It was my first visit to see Mr. Broussard. The building his practice is in has a nice relaxing courtyard for a nice start. His office is in the back of a series of offices in a suite so it was a little hard to find but worth finding! It was comfortable and relaxing. I went in and simply asked to be relaxed by a massage. He was able to nearly put me to sleep I was so relaxed. He applied just the right amount of pressure to my muscles so I never had to ask him to adjust his technique.

Alicia C Mar 14, 2014
Customer since Feb 2014

Honest, kind and outrageously good

Pete seems to be always in tune with the body of the person he massages (at least this is always my experience and of some friends who recommended him to me in the first place), He lets you rest when needed and will intensify the pressure when the body can take. Pete is also kind, honest and generous, which counts a lot for me. Overall, Pete's massage is exceptional.

Natalia P Feb 5, 2014
Customer since Sep 2012

He is the master of massage

The other reviews say it all. Hard to top them except to say I keep coming back and I so look forward to it!

Nancy J Feb 5, 2014
Customer since Dec 2011

Always a great massage!

I've been going to Pete for over a year, and his massages are consistently great- he does a solid job in creating a relaxing experience and is very intuitive with his approach. He doesn't just go through a set routine... he changes it up in response to whatever issues are present. Definitely one of the best in New Orleans.

R.M. Feb 3, 2014
Customer since Mar 2011

Meticulous & Thorough

Pete is meticulous and does a good job ensuring you do not leave without all of your issues being addressed. He always goes the extra mile and has made me a happy repeat customer.

A.G. Jan 17, 2014
Customer since Jan 2011


Pete is intuitive and truly listens, tailoring each session to your needs. All my tension melted away. One of the best massages I've ever had.

R.N. Dec 14, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013

Too Wonderful for Words

Words cannot describe...I definitely feel like a different person after his massage. I wish I could go everyday, but I am looking forward to the next. He definitely gives the best massages I have ever had!!!

C.W. Dec 8, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013

Pete Broussard Massage Therapy

One of the best massages! Takes his time & VERY thorough! Knows all the right spots to get those kinks out! I will be back!

l.v. Nov 11, 2013
Customer since Oct 2013


Therapist was very thorough. Afterwards took time to discuss suggestions for further treatment. True professional.

Gail T Nov 10, 2013
Customer since Sep 2013

Great massage

This was one of the best massages I have ever had. He is very thorough. I will definitely be back. Even though he is located in large office building in Metairie it is very quiet.

Jillian F Oct 30, 2013
Customer since Sep 2013

Broussard Massage

Excellent massage!! Although I suggest getting a place with a bathroom-so glad I didn"t have to go during the massage or I would have had to redress to go to bathroom up the hall. Also although booking was easy-editing it is not. i needed to reschudle & website not user friendly for changing appointment. Also tried emailing & phoning # listed with no response.

J.L. Oct 25, 2013
Customer since Oct 2013

Doesn't Get Better

Pete is always consistent. Its hard to find a therapist with his level of skill. He is definitely on of the best therapists that I have found. You won't be sorry.

Carder Higinbotham Oct 11, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013

Pete Broussard

Pleasant experience as Pete puts you at ease. One of the best massages I have ever received and was totally satisfied with the service.

Laurie G Oct 7, 2013
Customer since Sep 2013

awesome massage!

This was the best massage I have ever had. Very thorough, he spends extra time on problem areas, genuinely does this to help people feel better. I definitely recommend Pete Broussard massage therapy!

Kelley H Sep 14, 2013
Customer since May 2012

Massage experience

This was by far the best massage I have had. I was so relaxed by the end of it. I would definitely recommend Mr. Broussard and I'm sure I will be back.

Sheila C Sep 4, 2013
Customer since Jul 2013

Massage with Pet Broussard

Highly recommend Mr. Broussard. His space is very clean and comforting. In my opinion, the best massage I have ever had. Very pleased with the experience and have already recommended him to friends.

P.Z. Aug 18, 2013
Customer since Jul 2013


What a great great experience. Mr. Broussard was professional and did a great massage. The atmosphere was relaxing and clean. He took his time and was very thorough.

kathleen rayner Jul 8, 2013
Customer since Jun 2013

Great experience

I felt GREAT after the deep tissue massage therapy. Pete is very professional and really release my back muscle tension.

H.Z. Jul 5, 2013
Customer since May 2013

Definitely hooked!

I had my first professional massage with Pete yesterday and am definitely hooked on massage therapy now. Will be going back!

Wesley Ware Jul 3, 2013
Customer since Jun 2013

Excellent Massage Therapist

I would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking to experience a wonderful body massage. His attention to detail, his beautiful relaxing setting and his professionalism met all my expectations. Look forward to my next one!

Lance T Jun 29, 2013
Customer since Jun 2013


Pete, did a great job. He hit all the body part I expressed that were causing pain. I would highly recommend Pete. Great job.

AL DROUET Jun 26, 2013
Customer since Jun 2013

this guy is amazing, unexpected location

I second all of the good things said about Pete and his massages. So I'll speak about his location, since I haven't seen it mentioned yet. The Metairie location is kind of odd; it's in a large office building with a lovely little pond and wooden walkway inside. His room is as comfy & beautiful as any salon I've been to - and I've been to LOTS. I went through a few years of Groupon-ing my way through EVERY massage offer. Don't bother. Use your time & money on a massage that is REALLY worth it.

Tess P Jun 15, 2013
Customer since Apr 2012

A positive massage experience

If you're looking for a serious massage session, then this is it. Pete is an experienced, knowledgeable massage therapist who cares to correct any issues you might have as well as help you relax and unwind. He does not cut the 60 minute into a 50 minute massage, so you'd get a full 1 hour of his gentle, caring and healing hands. I definitely feel much better after the hour of Swedish massage.

Christie P Jun 14, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013


Excellent massage and I have had plenty. Definitely recommended. My review is truthful And I will be back .

Michelle Rahoui Jun 5, 2013
Customer since May 2013


Best massage I've had in a long time. I definitely recommend Pete. I felt so relaxed and my muscle tightness was relived.

Judy V May 31, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013


One of the most relaxing experiences and I would recommend it to all my friends! I cant wait to go back.

wynter samaha May 23, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013

Magic Hands

This was one of the best massages I have had. It was the first time I felt like I did not want it to end. I will definitely be a regular client. I would recommend Pete to everyone.

C.W. May 17, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013

One of the BEST Massages I've Ever Had!

All I can say is WOW! Pete was simply amazing, he took extra time to really get my knots out, I think I melted into the table. He took time to really find out what I needed and was an amazing professional. Can't wait to go back. I already booked another appointment! Thanks Pete!!

Rachel Adams May 10, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013


Pete does an awesome job ! Very professional. Knew exactly how to focus on your muscles and make them relaxed. Excellent service, highly reccomended.

M.D. May 10, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013


Very good and close to the house . Highly rec to anyone in pain that needs an awesome massage will def return

Paul F May 3, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013


This massage was extremely relaxing. One of the best I've had. As ridiculous as it sounds I feel like I sometimes prejudge massage therapists because they aren't in some big fancy spa but this massage goes to show. The massage was awesome. I actually fell asleep on the table. Highly recommended:)

Lori W May 2, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013

Always a great massage!

Pete consistently gives a superior massage experience. I've been to other therapists, but few can come close to Pete's focus, strength, and technique. I appreciate the fact that he always approaches the appointment with professionalism and makes note of particular areas needing work and changes his approach accordingly. Seems like there are too many therapists that just go on auto-pilot- but not Pete.

R.M. Apr 19, 2013
Customer since Mar 2011

Simply the best!

I have been a client of Pete's for 5 years and he is simply the best massage therapist.I have very tight muscles & used to have really bad migraines that interfered with my ability to work. As a result of being a regular client of Pete's, I no longer see a neurologist for my migraines. In fact the severity and frequency of my migraines have dramatically decreased. I am forever grateful to Pete. He is kind, professional, talented, focused and simply the best massage therapist ever!!

Kathy S Feb 27, 2013
Customer since Jan 2011

Simply the best

I have been going to Pete for at least 5 years. He pays close attention to your problem areas and genuinely cares about his clients. He truly is the best.

C.C. Feb 4, 2013
Customer since Nov 2010


Pete really listens to me when I explain my problem areas and he focuses on relieving my tension. He is definitely one of the best massage therapists in the New Orleans area!

A.W. Jan 26, 2013
Customer since Dec 2011

Runner's Paradise

Another marathon, another personal best, thanks to Pete. After a deep tissue and stretching massage felt like I was floating on air during the race. Pete was able to relax all of the muscles in my legs and lower back resulting in a painless half marathon! Will be back sooner than later.

Richard G Dec 15, 2012
Customer since Feb 2011

Stress Relief at last!

Had a wonderful massage last weekend by Pete. He takes time to truly focus on the areas and provides amazing treatment. The relief that I felt immediately after the massage was wonderful. I will definately be a long term client!!

cami w Dec 5, 2012
Customer since Nov 2012

The Magic Hands of Pete Broussard

I enjoyed my 2nd massage with Pete & it was absolutely wonderful. He remembered my sore spots! He is fantastic.

Cynthia E Nov 17, 2012
Customer since Feb 2012


Pete works magic with his hands! His massages are always fantastic. Also, if you pay for an hour, you get at least an hour on the table. If it takes an hour and 5 minutes for him to work out a kink, he gives it to you. He doesn't charge you for the time he spends talking to you.

R.R. Oct 13, 2012
Customer since Mar 2011

Thank You!

Wonderful massage and experience. I took advantage of the chair massage option. Pete took the time to focus on my shoulder that's been giving me issues and also to share stretches to help. Pete is a welcoming guy. I will be returning!

Anna L Sep 30, 2012
Customer since Sep 2012

in Summary

He's simply the best! We've become great friends and just realized we'd known each other about 4.5 years. He's magic!

Nancy Lassen Sep 7, 2012
Customer since Dec 2010

Best Massage Ever!

Pete Broussard gives the absolute best massage I have ever had in my life! He creates a peaceful environment and uses exactly the right amount of pressure. I always leave relaxed and all the stress is gone.

Monica H Jul 15, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012

excellent massage

Pete is very good and I thoroughly enjoyed the massage. His office sets a very tranquil mood and the setting is very conducive to relaxation

Peter Michell Jun 20, 2012
Customer since Mar 2012

Skillful and professional massage!

Pete does a great job! This was my first massage. He was extremely professional. His facilities were spotlessly clean, and I felt very comfortable there. Pete is very nice and also took the time to address any areas of pain I had. And of course, the massage itself felt fantastic! Couldn't recommend more.

C.O. Jun 6, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012

Very Attentive

This was a great massage. It was a very comfortable experience and I look forward to the next one.

Julie M May 28, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012


As usual the BEST.I feel like I left the city and went on vacation when I am on the table.Days later I still feel relaxed and spoiled.If you want to spoil yourself get a massage,you deserve it.

Jean H May 28, 2012
Customer since Jul 2011

Personalized Massage

Very professional targeted massage. Even suggested targeted exercises for my problem areas. Only suggestions is to have a sitting area where customers can wait.

Judy L May 27, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012

Great Massage

Pete did a great job and was very professional. I would suggest anyone that is in need of a nice relaxing environment and great massage she consider using Pete.

S.O. May 21, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012


Pete gave me a great relaxing massage. He is very professional and I would recomend him to anybody.

Tess L May 5, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012

great massage

I get a few massages a year, but rarely am I a repeat customer. Pete is an exception; I will definitely be back to Pete!

Sean F Apr 20, 2012
Customer since Oct 2011

Great Massage!

It was my first ever massage, but certainly won't be my last! He was very professional and gave a great massage! Can't wait to get another one!

Libby Bonamour Apr 7, 2012
Customer since Mar 2012


Thee best massage I've ever experienced. He's very professional and very personable. Looking forward to visiting him again.

Cynthia Edwards Apr 3, 2012
Customer since Feb 2012


One of, if not the best massages i've ever had. Spent time showing me stretches, and talking about my ailments. Highly recommend. I will be back for sure. Felt much more like a Dr/patient interaction

J.L. Mar 22, 2012
Customer since Mar 2012

Very relaxing experiencing, even with pressure

Pete matched the quality of some of the best massages I have experienced. I even went into a trance-like state at one point, the routine was so fluid and relaxing.

Matthew R Mar 8, 2012
Customer since Feb 2012


Probably the second best massage I've had. Office is convenient, the atmosphere is nice and calming, and the music is relaxing. Pete was very nice and friendly but not overly talkative and the massage was good.

anonymous Mar 7, 2012
Customer since Feb 2012


An excellent massage! Very comfortable environment, very attentive to what area of your body needs work... will definently be back and will refer friends.

A.R. Mar 6, 2012
Customer since Feb 2012


Was reffered by a friend, had a wonderful massage, very relaxing environment! Very professional! Will definatley use again and will recommend to friends and family! 5 stars!

A.W. Feb 23, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012

Very Relaxing

I went in with the goal of getting relief from the stress of work, and I left feeling so relaxed and peaceful. The ambience, with the music and lighting, is perfect for a massage. I have had many massages, and this one was very high quality. Highly recommended.

Janine S Feb 23, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012

Great massage!

This was the best massage I have ever had. I highly recommend getting a massage at Pete Broussard Massage Therapy. Pete puts his all into his work and I left feeling great.

Cari K. Feb 23, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012

a true professional

Peter Broussard has a sensitive, sympathetic but firm touch. He was able to massage some kinks out of my abdominals (over-did it on crunches) which most therapists (and I’ve used many, in several states) won’t even touch. He is clearly a well-educated therapist. His background working in a chiropractic office definitely showed with his knowledge of anatomy as he was able to work deeper into underlying muscles. Peter would be my go-to massage therapist if I hadn’t moved out of the area!

Lindsy L Feb 22, 2012
Customer since Sep 2011


Pete is a great massage therapist It was a great visit. Strong hands, very intuitive. I have had many, many massages and this was one of, if not the best ever.

bonnie r Jan 26, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012

Absolutely Amazing

I like many others, have had many massages in my years, but no one can compare to the massage I received from Pete the other day. He left me in complete relaxation. I will definitely return to get more massages in the future!

Amber C Jan 11, 2012
Customer since Dec 2011


That I have finally found a therapist better than the one I left in Dallas over ten years ago. He is professional, laid back, nice personality and one heck of a Massage Therapist. The atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing.

Nancy J Jan 10, 2012
Customer since Dec 2011

Theraputic and relaxing

Pete listened and responded to the problem areas and gave a terrific massage. He is knowledgeable and capable. TWO THUMBS UPS! I would definitely recommend him.

new client Jan 1, 2012
Customer since Dec 2011


What a super excellent experience! My wife made the appointment for my birthday and I thank her and Pete for such a wonderful birthday present. You really need to pamper yourself, you deserve it!

John Bates Dec 28, 2011
Customer since Dec 2011

Message Therapy

Pete Broussard provides the best massage therapy I've ever gotten. He fixes everything I need fixed, and he has a wealth of knowledge based on his experience and training in physical therapy that far surpasses the ordinary massages I've gotten at spas.

CHRISTINE F Dec 19, 2011
Customer since Dec 2010

Always a great massage

I've been to Pete on several occasions, and he's always delivered a great massage (I like deep tissue) with a high degree of professionalism. He takes his work seriously and gives his best, which in my experience has been superior to several other local therapists I've visted. Thumbs up!

Rhett M Dec 18, 2011
Customer since Mar 2011

Relaxed deeply

Wonderful, relaxing atmosphere, great massage. Pete is friendly, knowledgable , professional and listens to concerns and needs. I was able to relax deeply and at one point fell asleep. I left the appointment 'floating'. The next day I had more energy and felt recharged. Pete was running on time & took the full alotted time for my massage.

Liz N Nov 30, 2011
Customer since Oct 2011

Thank you

Wonderful relaxing massage that helped release tension I have been carrying around for a long time, making sure to spend extra time on my "trouble spots". He also took the time to show me some stretches to further reduce my pain and stiffness.

CTD Nov 18, 2011
Customer since Nov 2011

Good Hands

Pete's hands know how to detect those muscle fibers that are problematic to us... Even when he performing a regular massage, Pete knows how to work fast enough to give extra attention to "hard to work" spots.

Jonathan T Nov 1, 2011
Customer since Oct 2011

massage therapy

pete did a wonderful job. what a pleasant experience... one i shall repeat. H.is technique is effective and thorough i left very relaxed and relieved of pains that have plagued me for months.

chelsee c Oct 19, 2011
Customer since Sep 2011

loved it

My whole body felt so relaxed afterwards. He was very professional, and it was done in a great atomosphere!! I would reccommned Pete Broussard to anyone looking for a great massage!!!

M.H. Oct 6, 2011
Customer since Aug 2011

Amazing Back massage

I asked for a deep as hard as you can go to get the knots out back massage and so he did! He's really good! Its hard to find great Masseuse, he's definitely in my #1.

Fara Captain Sep 11, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Therapeutic Massage

It was a wonderful experience and the best massage I have every had. Mr. Broussard patterns the massage according to your physiological needs. The massage was relaxing , enjoyable and therapeutic . I have recommended Pete Broussard Massage Therapy and will visit again.

A.L. Aug 25, 2011
Customer since Aug 2011

Excellent Service

Mr. Broussard did an excellent job. His location is quaint and relaxing. The massage was great, and I will share this experience with my friends. I'm looking forward to my next appointment.

Kelisha G Aug 23, 2011
Customer since Jul 2011

Great massage!

It was a great experience, very thorough and I left extremely relaxed. The room was also very comfortable and relaxing, which just added to the experience- great massage, thanks!

L.B. Aug 16, 2011
Customer since Aug 2011

Excellent massage, over too soon.

Pete gave an amazing massage: very relaxing, good pressure, and absolutely professional. I left with a wonderful attitude on life. I will be back for more.

j.d. Aug 14, 2011
Customer since Jul 2011


The massage was SO relaxing. Pete is very nice and you can tell that he wants to make your massage as perfect as possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a great massage. Thanks!

A.R. Aug 9, 2011
Customer since Jul 2011

Jean H

Absolutly fabulous.....see ya next month..for the rest of my life.I will recommed him to everyone.The best massage ln all my sixty six years.Please don't tell Janet.She was the best then.

jean hannnan Jul 29, 2011
Customer since Jul 2011

Thumbs up!

Pete said he considers his work a calling. Very dedicated to his work, and very good massage! I also like the fact that it is one full hour, not just 50 minutes.

Vicki G Jul 28, 2011
Customer since Jul 2011

Great Massage

Mr. Pete was great. He was very professional and I was very surprised I found him through living social. Great guy and definitely will be going back to him

C.D. Jul 21, 2011
Customer since Jun 2011


It was one of the best massages I have ever received. Pete Broussard was extremely professional. It was very relaxing and I am glad I found out about him. I will definitely be going back.

C.B. Jul 13, 2011
Customer since Jun 2011

Relaxing, thorough massage

Pete Broussard was very professional. His office is easy to find if you follow directions given. He offered a very relaxing and thorough massage. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

K.S. Jul 12, 2011
Customer since Jun 2011

One Of The Best, If Not The Best Massage I've Ever Received

I truly enjoyed the massage I received from Pete Broussard. Although, it took me a few minutes to actually find his office, once I did, it was quite, inviting, and comfortable. I was given a full hour of relaxing, rejuvening massage. When I left, I felt like a new person...all my aches and my low back pain were gone. I recommend Pete Broussard to everyone...Go see him, You won't be disappointed.

Cherie J Jul 5, 2011
Customer since Jun 2011

Experienced, Professional Massage Therapist

Peter Broussard is an experienced, professional massage therapist who listens to his client and then applies his own knowledge to make the massage session most effective. I highly recommend one of the best in this area.

Rebecca Z Jul 1, 2011
Customer since Jun 2011


I don't have the luxury of just getting massages because I'm having a bad day. I get them when I really need them due to issues I have in my neck and back. Pete was very effective and did a great job. I am thankful and I will be back.

Bonnie Miller Jun 17, 2011
Customer since May 2011

Terrific Massage

Pete Broussard provided a really helpful massage. He worked on a specific issue for which I found relief, and the overall massage was most helpful for relieving tension. I think he is really good, and I like the way he interacted with me.

M.C. Jun 14, 2011
Customer since May 2011

Fantastic, Relaxing Massage

I've had countless massages in my life but this was probably the best one I've ever had! I came to Pete with a Groupon deal and didn't know what to expect since I normally go to big, well known spas. However, I enjoyed my experience so much I will definitely come back!! Pete asked how much pressure I was comfortable with and I told him whatever it takes. He had a way of working out the tension in my back without it being painful. I feel amazing!

M.B. Jun 4, 2011
Customer since Dec 2010

Great experience

I had a great experience at Pete Broussards! It was very stress relieving and I felt amazing after I left. I would deffinately go back and recommend my friends to him!

Paige Davila Jun 3, 2011
Customer since May 2011

One of the best massages I've gotten

I've been getting massages for 40 yrs. Pete got right to the areas that were tense and I didn't even know about them. With just the right pressure, he loosened them up. Very serene, relaxing setting and Pete is very friendly. Highly recommended - I tried him because of Living Social one-time discount. I will be back!!!

Sharon Katz May 26, 2011
Customer since May 2011

Complete Relaxation

I just moved to this area and was so pleased to find Pete Broussard Therapy. My massage was wonderful and he was very professional and courteous. I will be recommending him to others.

K.S. May 24, 2011
Customer since May 2011

EXCELLENT experience

I was very pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the massage that I received from Pete and have already recommended him to several friends! I will definitely return to him on a regular basis, as he does the best massage work of anyone that I've gone to in the area.

S.A. May 23, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Relaxing experience

Great massage. Pete is very professional and listened. He has created a very relaxing environment and I felt very comfortable. Worked out all the problem areas we discussed. I am recommending him to all.

V.T. May 22, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

awesome experience

My experience having a massage by Pete was absolutely awesome. The atmosphere was wonderful; comfortable and relaxing. Pete was very professional and courteous. The actual massage was more than I expected; he worked magic on my back and left me feeling like a new person. I will definitely return and will recommend Pete to everyone I know!!! Thanks, Pete,,,

E.H. May 21, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Great massage

Having a massage by Pete was just awesome! Quite possibly the best massage I ever had. I highly recommend him to anyone who is active or into fitness. I also recommend him if someone has an injury. Pete truly takes the time to assess an individuals needs and expectations and then exceeds them. Love it Pete.... Look forward to many more! Great job!

Angel Houle May 20, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

RELAX in Metairie

The tranquil atmosphere as you approach Pete's massage room is a prelude to the type of massage you'll receive once you get there. Very relaxing experience that'll make you want to go back for more!

Cindy Usner May 20, 2011
Customer since May 2011

Book fast, he's amazing!

I've been massaged by Pete for almost 2 years now, and I can honestly say he is the BEST massage therapist I've ever had. He's like a little piece of heaven that dropped from the sky. I can't wait to go back. Thanks, Pete!

Grace Fitzmorris May 20, 2011
Customer since May 2011

Beat Massage I've Ever Had

Best Massage I've ever had! He didn't just relax me, but made my whole body feel better. I feel a difference today after just one hour with him. While I had a whole body massage, Pete made sure that every move helped adjust my problem areas and made me feel relaxed. I will definitely go back!

M.L. May 18, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

best massage in Metairie

Pete Broussard had magic hands! My shoulder and neck definitely felt whole lot better after 1 hr of deep tissue massage by him. Will go back again for sure!

k.j. May 17, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

I feel worth going back again

I had a shoulder problem so I wanted a deep tissue massage and I feel great after the massage and get to learnt the problem of my shoulder "Frozen Arm" which I have not heard before until now. It was really stiff my shoulder but now it is much better after the massage and learnt also a few tips on stretching ...He has great knowledge about my problem...

Florence K May 15, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Best effort I've seen put into a Massage

Pros: Pete really made use of every second of the massage, constantly gliding across muscles and applying appropriate pressure. You can tell he has alot of integrity in the job he does. Felt great! Cons: The Favrot & Shane Building his office is in is a nice place with a pretty garden and creek. However, his personal office space is only one small room. Theres no waiting room, showers, etc. like a major spa would have. No big deal, I just like a nice soothing atmosphere.

Stephen P May 9, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Pete Cures the Kinks!

I've used Pete for a few years now and he is exceptional at eliminating problem areas on your body. The studio is very clean and quiet and relaxing. Kudos to Pete for his extreme professionalism.

Robin G May 6, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Pete Broussard Massage Therapy

Mr. Broussard exhibited extreme professionalism! The walk through the facility was like walking through a peaceful garden and once you enter the massage room your walk into complete tranquility. The actual massage leave you wishing you purchased 2 hours instead of one because you will not want to leave the table. Added to an amazing moment of relaxation was a wonderful personality. This will be worth you time and peace of mind.

Tarabia Franklin May 5, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Great Massage!

I really felt relief in my back after having a deep tissue massage from Pete Broussard and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a good, professional masseuse.

R.M. Apr 28, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Great massage.

Pete uses a great technique of massaging the back while one is lying on one's back. The body weight puts extra pressure on his fingers and feels great. Very professional.

L.J. Apr 28, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Great work

Really great massage; I enjoyed his flexibility of scheduling and personable demeanor. The building is a little hard to find (Google maps gives the wrong directions), but it was a full and unique massage.

C.H. Apr 28, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Wonderful massage! I feel like a million bucks.

Pete is so good at what he does! I asked for specific attention to a problem spot from an old injury, and he was able to work that spot out better than any other MT I've ever experienced, and I've been to many. PLUS, he was so efficient and effective he actually still had time to give me the full body treatment, which was divine. I feel wonderful! He is professional, extraordinarily competent and such a pleasant person. I would go back every week if I could afford it!

A.M. Apr 27, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Excellent Massage!!!

The best massage that I've had in quite some time. The perfect amount of pressure.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Thomas Apr 26, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

Honestly, the best massage I've ever gotten

I saw Pete's massage services were up for a great deal on Living Social and I'd been carrying a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders for about a week. The reviews looked good so I gave him a try. He is awesome. Very professional (I'm a female and this was actually my first massage by a male) and the atmosphere was very relaxing. He literally melted my stress tension away! I will not only be back, but will definitely be recommending him to my friends and family.

A.J. Apr 25, 2011
Customer since Apr 2011

I found the perfect massage therapist

Pete's massage room is the most peaceful and comfortable place, his relaxing music and heated table almost put me to sleep before the massage began. Pete respected my wishes and listened to my requests about working on problem areas. His touch is warm, firm, and strong, yet gentle where it matters such as on tender hamstrings. Besides having a true healing touch, Pete's massage flowed from one body part to the next in a natural flowing kind of way. Highly recommended!

Heather Mattingly Mar 20, 2011
Customer since Mar 2011

Healthy Prescription!

By advice from my doctor, I decided to give massage therepy a try, Pete was referred from an associate, and I have never felt better, symtoms lessened, more mobility, on the way to being pain-free!! My daily life has changed dramatically. Thanks, alot.

b.k. Mar 5, 2011
Customer since Aug 2010

Very Good Massage

Pete got input from me on my expectations and trouble areas before he started. This allowed him to custome the massage to my needs. It was a very good massage, I will definitely go back.

K.E. Feb 21, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011


Pete Broussard is one of the best message therapist's that I have ever been to. Very relaxing atmosphere. Four days before I attempted to run a half marathon I got shin splints. After going to Pete two days before the event, I was able to finish the run with a personal best time. I would highly recommend Pete!

Richard Gillen Feb 17, 2011
Customer since Feb 2011

Pete's Massage

Situated in a unique building but once you get into the room, it's a very relaxing and appropriate atmosphere. Pete was very nice and accomodating. He was responsive to my needs and converstaional. I'd definitely go again.

T.N. Feb 15, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Top notch massage!

This was not my first appointment with Pete, so trust me when I tell you he is a very professional and sensitive massage therapist. Before he begins, Pete finds out from you all of your trouble spots, and how deep of a massage you would like. He spends the perfect amount of time at each area, with special attention paid to tight muscle areas. I always leave Pete completely wiped out for a few hours, so I recommend scheduling your massage so that you can go straight home to relax afterward.

Nancy Feb 13, 2011
Customer since Nov 2010

A Professional

Pete has the mind, the heart and the hands necessary to be top notch and he is. Very insightful and intuitive, he instinctively knows where the problems are and addresses them not through brutal mindless pressure but rather with a calm, firm approach. Very effective. Very professional and took the trouble to share with me stretching techniques that I can employ between visits. I will return for more sessions.

Joseph M Feb 10, 2011
Customer since Feb 2011


I went in full of tension, and came out completly relaxed. I told him where the pain was, he listened, and worked his magic. I will be returning and recommend anyone else to do the same.

R.B. Feb 7, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011


I was impressed with Pete's professionalism and skill. I have already told 5 people since yesterday's massage. Everyone should go to Pete once just to see what all of the great review are about. He's fantastic and I can't wait to see him again!

D.C. Feb 5, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Great Massage Therapist!

In a unique environment, Pete is entirely professional and gives one of the best massages I have ever had. Pete uses some techniques that were new to me and were just wonderful for relaxation. I definitely will return after my original introduction with Groupon. Highly recommended.

Debra A Feb 1, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Amazing Massage!

Ladies, don’t let the initial impression of the massage space intimidate you. I was a little wary of going into a locked office building (on a Saturday) to get a massage in a one-room space, with no receptionist or other people in the area. But, Pete was completely professional, the ambiance was so relaxing, and the massage was amazing. This was the best massage I’ve ever had! I will definitely be back!

R.H. Feb 1, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Best Deep Tissue Massage!

I was a little hesitant since Pete is working out of one room in a building that was locked on Saturdays. SOOO glad I stayed. This was by far the best deep tissue massage I have ever had. I'm definitely going back!

T.L. Jan 30, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Excellent work

I work out every day & have a very active job. Thought it would take many visits before I felt any loosening of tension, but Pete was able to release much of it in one hour. Bravo!

K.J. Jan 30, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Best relief yet!

I have been seeing different massage therapists for the last year and he is the first to actually loosen the tight muscles in my shoulders without a lot of pain. It is so nice to gain back some mobility! Will be going back, plus visiting at Whole Foods!

A.G. Jan 26, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

great message

I definitely enjoyed my message. Pete was professional and friendly. He even helped me with a lingering hip problem that prevented me from running long distances. I would definitely return.

J.G. Jan 24, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

One of the Best!

Gratefully I found out about Pete through his Groupon promotion. I'm glad I did. His level of professionalism is outstanding and his techniques were some of the best I've experienced. I would highly recommend his services.

J.M. Jan 20, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Look no further!

Thorough, proficient and gracious! I found him through Groupon so truthfully, I had lowered my expectations. This was not an average massage....Pete is extremely talented, and a gentleman. He was so good, I threw the groupon coupon away and paid him the full price and then some.

M.M. Jan 20, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

awesome massage

I left Mr.Broussard's office so relaxed after my 90 minute massage.Every sore muscle was worked over until all the soreness I arrived with was gone.I will make a weekly appointment with Pete from now on.

John Shaw Jan 19, 2011
Customer since Nov 2010

Book an appointment with this guy.

His massages are therapeutic in every sense of the word. It felt like he somehow stitched together the raveled synapses in my brain by manipulating my muscles. It's obvious that he loves what he does and genuinely cares about his clients.

M.W. Jan 17, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Highly Recommended

Pete Broussard is knowledgeable on the topic of massage therapy. He is professional and pays attention to detail. I would highly recommend Pete Broussard.

C.S. Jan 15, 2011
Customer since Dec 2010

great massage!

It was a very relaxing massage, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! i recommend it. I know it was very effective because I had to drink a lot of water after.

Ellie Q Jan 15, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011


First, let me say that Pete Broussard is a excellent massage therapist. However, more importantly he is a man of strong character who strives for excellence with each and every client. I would recommend him to any who might wish to experience massage therapy for relaxation or to work on a specific ache or pain that bothers you.

Shelly Jan 13, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011


Pete is the absolute best. His touch is perfect...he listens to your trouble spots and has magic hands....not hurtful, but strong. Totally relaxing. I used to tense up before massages because I felt as if I were going to leave bruised. Or the opposite was true...too soft, nothing~

nancy l Jan 11, 2011
Customer since Dec 2010

Everything I wanted

My hour long massage was just what I wanted and needed. Pete is a real professional, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a careful attention to particular muscles or problems. I was very pleased with the overall experience.

S.M. Jan 11, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011


Pete is truly gifted at what he does. He takes the time to listen to his patients and find out if they have areas that need extra attention. I have been seeing him for years and I wouldn't go to anyone else. My standard of expectation is set very high with regard to massage and Pete exceeds that standard every time.

Carol Costanza Jan 9, 2011
Customer since Nov 2010

Body Massage

Great massage, I have a massage almost every month, he is one of the best, very good, I was very please. I will use him again, and will recommended to other.

Kenneth Wodehouse Jan 7, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011


His office is very cozy and relaxing. He focused on problem areas and was very cordial. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for a great massage.

Melissa M Jan 4, 2011
Customer since Dec 2010

Personalized experience

I needed lots of specific work and Pete spent the time that I needed in those areas. It's hard to find someone that doesn't do the same old routine. Pete listened and communicated well. I felt very comfortable giving feedback, knowing that he would listen. I'm glad I gave Pete a call and will be back for more massages.

barefoot_lmt Jan 4, 2011
Customer since Jan 2011

Professional excellence

I've been a regular massage client for many years and have been to a myriad of therapists. Pete Broussard is one of the best I've known. He easily targets the trouble spots and works them out and understands the relationship between good health and massage therapy. Pete is a quintessential professional to boot. I highly recommend him.

Arleen C Dec 6, 2010
Customer since Dec 2010

too good to be true!!

I was fortunate to stumble upon Pete as a massage therapist. After enduring many years of very mediocre massages, Pete intuitively finds the trouble spots in my muscles every session. His professionalism is outstanding and I can count on him to make me feel tension-free at the end of the session. He is a real gem--I'm glad I am a regular client. Thanks Pete!

M.S. Nov 5, 2010
Customer since Aug 2010

Grateful to have found him!

My sessions with Pete have been brilliant! What can I say, soothing, relaxing atmosphere and Pete's ability to defuse tension in both body and mind. I suffer from years of physical work which has my upper body in lockdown. Pete understands the dynamic of a muscle and is committed to returning it to a relaxed state. I've had many sessions of massage but no one quite like him. You will do yourself a dis service if you aren't a client. Thanks Pete... you're the best...see you soon!

Mary C Sep 17, 2010
Customer since Sep 2010

Pete is the real deal

Pete is very dedicated to the health and well being of his clients. I have been seeing Pete regularly for a year now and he has changed my life. I am in much less pain and am able to live an active lifestyle that has been restricted by back pain

John H Aug 27, 2010
Customer since Aug 2010

Best massage I have ever had

I have had many massages. Nothing compares to this experience. Pete works on your body until it's fixed. The best in town. Friendly, normal guy with knowledge and technique that is therapeutic.

Patrick McSweeney Aug 26, 2010
Customer since Aug 2010

Slidell Reviews

Great care

did a great job of my muscles near a pinched nerve.. going back for more the time and knowledge was refreshing and why he is excellent at this craft

Mel Larson Mar 5, 2020
Customer since Mar 2020

For Everyone

I have been having massages for the past 20 years. I traveled a lot in my work and had massages all over the United States and Pete is one of the best. He listens and is attentive to your "hurt" areas on your body. Pete can adjust pressures to suit everyone's needs. I highly recommend Pete for anyone that has limited motion and can't find relief. He is truly a professional in this field.

Ray Begin Nov 13, 2019
Customer since Nov 2019

Reads Your Body

I've been going to Pete for years. He always knows what aches and pains I have even if I don't tell him. His hands are very intuitive. Just saw him due to bad bout with neck & shoulder pain for two weeks. Finally I have relief! He's not just a massage therapist; he cares about his clients and treats each as individuals. Super nice guy also - a plus! Thanks again, Pete!

Patricia P Aug 21, 2019
Customer since May 2014


Definitely the best massage I've ever had. I'm impressed with Pete's blend of relaxation and bodywork. A very professional, skilled masseuse!

Wendy H May 14, 2019
Customer since May 2019

Super Thorough Therapy!

I saw Pete after suffering for months with shoulder and neck pain. His massage techniques were thorough and effective, addressing each painful area. He was professional, compassionate, and attentive to my needs. I would highly recommend Pete to anyone needing a therapeutic massage!

Eloise H Nov 13, 2016
Customer since Nov 2016


I have been experiencing TMJ headaches, jaw clenching for years. A session with Pete helps to reduce the tightness and stress in my jaw. No more headaches!

Donna Reeves Aug 17, 2016
Customer since Jan 2015


Had an awesome massage with Pete today! He never fails to find and address each of my problem areas utilizing his extensive set of skills and techniques. I leave from each appointment feeling less stressed and more relaxed than when I arrived. Pete is definitely the best!

Matt Apr 1, 2016
Customer since Feb 2016

Great Masseuse!

Pete creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. He is very caring about your personal needs. He is very professional and gives a thorough massage. I would definitely recommend Pete to anyone who is looking for an enjoyable, relaxing massage.

Linda A Sep 1, 2015
Customer since Jul 2015


Pete is a great masseuse . He is very caring about the individual issues that one may have . He is also very accommodating to scheduling an appointment .

Linda M Aug 11, 2015
Customer since Jul 2015

The best

Pete is excellent and made me feel almost brand new. He is truly commited to his work and your health.

Phyllis Prince Jul 28, 2015
Customer since Jul 2015

Pete Broussard Massage Therapy

Professional. Techniques were good. Explanations and answers to question were helpful. Recommended form roll.to use at home was very successful.

John S Jul 16, 2015
Customer since May 2015

Pete Broussard Massage Therapy

My husband and I have routinely scheduled massages in our retirement. Our experience with Pete was very pleasant and relaxing. Pete gave a thorough overall massage with extra effort in tense areas. A few times I actually dosed off. Pete's hands are firm yet gentle.

Elizabeth S Jul 14, 2015
Customer since May 2015

Pete Broussard Massage

I had been having problems in my shoulders- he focused in and worked them-sore the next day, but so much better. Very professional and truly a nice person- great experience I would definitely recommend.

Laura S Jul 6, 2015
Customer since Dec 2014


very professional and he focused on my problem area. If you need a massage he is great! I look forward to my session.

Customer since Feb 2015


Soooo relaxing .. awesome experience! Very much spa quality with a tranquil setting. I will most definitely be back!

e.h. May 7, 2015
Customer since Apr 2015

Very relaxing

He took his time and massaged each part of my body thoroughly. I will definitely be back!!!he was gentle but firm! I've already recommended some of my friends!!

Sharon Wing May 5, 2015
Customer since Apr 2015

wonderful message

Pete did a great job with my much needed massage. Im looking forward to the next one. Thank you Pete !!!

y.k. Apr 16, 2015
Customer since Mar 2015

Great Massage

Pete is great i have been 2 times and really taken care of my problems getting ready to book some more massages

David Hebert Apr 7, 2015
Customer since Mar 2015


I have had many massages but Mr. Pete by far was the BEST! When I left I felt so much better than when I arrived!

Lillian Blackwell Mar 26, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

Great massage

He did a great massage. Felt like a million dollars when he was done . Can not wait to go back. Best massage I ever had.

Sam Giglio Mar 24, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015


Pete gave me an excellent massage.He focused on my problem areas.He was very professional,I enjoyed my time.

Joni Dolhonde Mar 20, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

A great experience

I explained my needs and got the massage tailored to me. I would recommend Pete to anyone who needs a personalized session with amazing results.

G.S. Mar 11, 2015
Customer since Feb 2015

Relieved my chronic pain!! 

I am beyond happy with the massage I received. I have bad back problems and have had many surgeries on it. I stay in constant pain and the only thing that ever helps are meds. I was actually hurting bad when I got there. I was reluctant to even go because of the pain, but I'm so so glad I did! After explaining my back problems, he did a massage that was custom to my issues and half way through, I wasn't hurting anymore! If you have any pain problems, I highly suggest you go to him!

Shonda Slayton Jan 27, 2015
Customer since Jan 2015

Amazing Massage

First massage from Pete, but won't be the last. I couldn't be more pleased. I walked out a new person. Absolutely Amazing!!!

N.S. Jan 22, 2015
Customer since Jan 2015

awesome massage

Pete is awesome he take makes you feel very comfortable and his massage are the best. Can't wait to set up my next appt.

Lisa Lackey Jan 13, 2015
Customer since Dec 2011

You won't be disappointed!

As always he does a great massage. Pete is a real artist at his job. I am always comfortable. He is always respectful and kind. He never makes me feel as though he is in a hurry-I really like that.

S.L. Jan 9, 2015
Customer since May 2013

Best Medicine!

Pete's massages relieve my headaches and neck/shoulder pains. Very relaxing. Wonderful comfortable atmosphere. He not only listens to what you tell him about any special needs, he "listens" to what your body tells him and acts accordingly. Nice guy; great massages.

Patricia P Jan 7, 2015
Customer since May 2014


Pete is awesome!! He takes his time with you and talks to you so that he can work on what is really bothering you! His massages are not too hard that they leave you hurting nor too soft, they are perfect! I highly recommend him to anyone that has never had a massage before or to someone that is looking for a new one!

Ester Smith Aug 27, 2014
Customer since May 2014

The Best

I was a massage therapist for 7 years, and I gave and received tons of massages. I can say without a doubt, Pete gives one of the best (if not the best) massages! He is very intuitive and adapts the massage to benefit you personally. His pressure is perfect and his techniques are extremely relaxing and therapeutic! I hope to be a regular client!

D.H. Aug 8, 2014
Customer since Aug 2014


Pete is personable and effective. After my frist session, I had so many unexpected benefits...better sleep, improved mood, etc. After my third visit, I know I will continue monthly as "medicine"!

Anne g Jun 19, 2014
Customer since Dec 2013

Pure Excellance!

Pure excellence! His skill in his craft and his techniques he uses are way above anything I have ever experienced anywhere else. His attention to detail and intuitive gifts are quite beyond compare. He listens attentively and the proceeds on purpose to relieve you of your pain. Beyond compare as far as I'm concerned

Lisa Smith May 7, 2014
Customer since Aug 2011

Very Professional

Very professional. Excellent knowledge of his craft and his knowledge of the human body.Highly recommend.

TONY G Apr 1, 2014
Customer since Aug 2011


I've had plenty massages and this is ranks as one of the best i've ever had. Plain and simple: I've found my new therapist.

B.S. Feb 25, 2014
Customer since Feb 2014


The atmosphere is so relaxing. Great personality. Fantastic hands. Did I say fantastic hands. Yes a plus;Fantastic hands. Relieved my head ache, my tired feet and most of all my tight calves. Wow AWSOME!!! 🙂

Marie D Oct 31, 2013
Customer since Jul 2013

very pleased

I felt he listened to me when I told him where my pain was, he really relieved my muscle spasms. I cant wait to come back for my next visit.

wendalyn shaffette Oct 17, 2013
Customer since Sep 2013

I'm spoiled

My introduction to Pete was through Groupon. I was impressed with his focus and ability to get the tension out. I had to wait over 2 months for my appointment. And I didn't go anywhere else because he is incredible! Would recommend to anyone! Price is the same as other places and he is so much better!

Allison W Oct 14, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013


My first massage and it was absolutely wonderful! Pete put me totally at ease, he was very professional and I loved it! I would definately recomment Pete.

Leslie P Oct 2, 2013
Customer since Jul 2013

massage WOW

By far the best--thoughtful and very professional. I felt better not only the day of the massage but the next day as well. Pete really knows his trade.

S.L. Sep 19, 2013
Customer since May 2013

Master Massuer

Having had many therapeutic massages in the past, I can attest with confidence that Pete is a master at his profession. Thank you for a wonderful session.

Dustin DeNicola Jun 23, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013


Job well done. I have no complaints.very friendly, easy going. Gave a good message. Good location. Atmosphere was very relaxing

renee crapps May 28, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013


best massage I'v ever had! very professional. I will return because I really felt better due to the expertly done job. He doesn;t talk during the massage which made it extra relaxing.

Stephanie L May 10, 2013
Customer since May 2013

Hour Massage

The massage from Pete Broussard was possibly the best massage I ever had. He has strong hands and does a very good job. I Will return.

Suzanne Cooper May 3, 2013
Customer since Apr 2013

Excellent massage therapist!

I have a form of multiple sclerosis and as my massage therapist, Pete has helped alleviate the pain for 7 years. He can work wonders on my sore fatigued muscles, giving me appreciated relief. He listens to my specific concerns and adjusts his treatment to best accommodate the situation. Pete is caring and compassionate; he truly cares about his patients. He is a valuable asset to my overall health regimen.

C.J. Apr 10, 2013
Customer since Oct 2011

The Best Massage I've ever had

It really was the best massage that I've ever had and I would recommend him highly. Told him that I have lower back pain and he worked the area well and I've had less pain since. I will be back!

L.J. Sep 13, 2012
Customer since Sep 2012

Pain in the neck

Mr. Broussard was knowledgeable, friendly and performed wonders with specific problem areas that no one else has been able to. I now have range of movement that was frozen up! Also gave me excercises to do at home. Recommend highly.

rebecca eaton Sep 12, 2012
Customer since Aug 2012


Great massage!!!! Definitely will do again! Very relaxing. Super nice guy. Will recommend to friends. Very professional.

s.s. May 27, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012


I went on my birthday and it was a fabulous treat to myself. It was so relaxing and therapeutic. He is very professional and made the experience comfortable. He is really good at what he does. Highly recommend.

G.A. May 23, 2012
Customer since May 2012

FANTASTIC massage, hard to contact

One of the best massages I've ever had. He is extremely friendly. My only disppointment is that I tried to contact him multiple times (via phone and email) before the massage in order to find out if he would honor my Lliving Social voucher beyond the expiration date, and I never heard back from him. But once I got there, I did have a fabulous experience.

M.M. Apr 12, 2012
Customer since Apr 2012

Great experience

Everything you could want in a massage, very experienced at his profession. Has a good background with sports injuries as well. Very nice person, very polite, overall great experience! Definatly recommended.

Gary Jennings Feb 16, 2012
Customer since Feb 2012

Great massage!

It was a really nice experience. I only got a relaxation massage and it was pretty good. He immediately found tense muscles that I didn't know I had. He is very professional

M.R. Feb 15, 2012
Customer since Feb 2012

Truly the best

Getting a massage is my treat to myself. No matter how much you love family, friends or work, stress builds. I have tried at least 12 different massage therapists. They were all good but when it was over I always felt it could have been better. Getting a massage with Pete proved I was right. Truly the best.

Michele R Feb 6, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012

Pete is the best!

Pete always surpasses any expectations that I have. He genuinely cares about helping his patients and it shows through his work! He really is the best!

D.C. Jan 31, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012


I felt really relaxed after the massage and Pete made some suggestions about what I should do when exercising. Pete took his time and explained what he would do before he started the massage.

Wallace B Jan 17, 2012
Customer since Jan 2012

Great Job

Pete was very attentive to my particular needs. Not only was my massage very good, but he also provided education and advice. Excellent Experience..

Robert J Jan 5, 2012
Customer since Dec 2011

I know about massages, and this is the real thing

Mr. Broussard is professional, kind, and knows what he is doing. After 29 years of head on collisions and 7 operations on my back and neck as well as my S/I joint he picked up on my pain and relieved it. I would use him again and recommend him to all people with or without problems.

Veronica Lewis Jan 4, 2012
Customer since Dec 2011

great massage

I appreciated Pete's body analysis. very helpful in diagnosing ills. I hope to discuss his findings with my doctor to eliminate back pain once and for all.

Bonnie S Dec 27, 2011
Customer since Dec 2011


AMAZING!! Best massage I've ever had! I suffer a lot with back and neck pain and am still pain free a day later. I've never gotten this much relief from a chiropractor, therapy or a massage, I'm truly amazed!

F.F. Dec 7, 2011
Customer since Dec 2011

I challenge you to try Pete out, he’ll surpass your expectations!

Pete has great knowledge of the body, is attentive to your needs & is extremely thorough. He has relieved much of the intense nerve/muscular pain I experience from an auto immune disease. Doctors & meds have not been as effective as my weekly sessions with Pete. Being blind, it’s important for me to feel comfortable in my surroundings. Pete is professional & puts me at ease. As hard as he works to relieve my pain, I always leave feeling at peace & ready to conquer another week.

Laura G Nov 12, 2011
Customer since Oct 2011

Best massage therapy in town

He has always listen to your needs and work those areas. Has always gotten me out of pain and feel much better. highley recommend him. very professionally

Henry Calamari Sep 1, 2011
Customer since Aug 2011


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