Massge Services

Types of Massage

Relaxing Firm Swedish

Good for relieving stress, using long gliding strokes(effleurage), thus soothing the central nervous system. Also good for increasing circulation and improving the tonicity of the skin.


Specific aggressively applied massage strokes(pe’trissage), to facilitate healing or to improve the performance of an individual who is involved in a moderate to high intensity level of activity. The use of stretching and muscle energy technique (a type of stretching that involves client resistance) are also involved.

Deep Tissue

Working deeper into the muscle than just surface fascia, to get to underlying conditions causing dysfunction and pain. Using cross fiber friction to isolate the muscles and transverse friction to gain access to the inner core of the muscles.


Manipulation of soft tissue where muscle and nerve fibers meet to release an impingement or an entrapment, using compression, friction and stretching.


Sequential bodywork that systematically releases postural holding patterns that eliminate pain and dysfunction using active engagement, muscle energy technique and stretching.


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